In this final episode of the year, we look back at our goals and plans for 2021, and chat about whether we achieved them – or not! And if we didn’t, do we know why? And do we like having plans anyway? Or do we prefer to set a rough intention for the year, and stay flexible?

We also talk a little about what 2022 might look like, what’s actually important to us, and how we’re going to attempt to keep ourselves on track in the new year.

Mentioned in this episode:

Word of the year ideas. Last year I went with “practice” but it sort of morphed into “action”. This year I’m going with “practice” again – and with the mantra “five minutes matters” to stop me trying to find the perfect but elusive “free day” and learn to grab the moment instead.

I find it really helpful to print out a whole year calendar on standard A4 paper, to tuck into a bullet journal or diary. Most web-based email platforms e.g. Outlook or Gmail will let you do this easily, but I also use this one a lot, and also this one.

I like to organise myself using a Bullet Journal. There’s so many different ways to set it out, and that’s the whole point – it’s personal, you add the features that you need and like, in a way that works for you.

Last year I used Dingbats notebooks but this year I’m going back to Moleskine notebooks. I like the ones with soft covers, and there are some lovely colours out there.

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