Do you call yourself an artist? Or does that make you uncomfortable? We’ve both had mixed feelings in the past, so do we call ourselves artists now? Click here to read what I think about this one!

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Both Gina and I have reduced the price of our online courses to reflect that they are only available in their current location until 30th April. You can find links to Gina’s courses here, and mine here

An excellent podcast about all things art and being an artist is Art Juice with Louise Fletcher and Alice Sheridan.

Nicholas Wilton and his various videos and blog posts at Art to Life have been an inspiration of mine for many years, and key in opening my eyes to the world of paint! It was through Nick Wilton that I discovered Louise Fletcher and her vibrant, colourful art that’s inspired by living in a remote corner of the Yorkshire Dales.

Alice, Louise and Nick are all painters – it’s easy to call them artists. But what about people who work with cloth and thread? Are they Textile Artists or Artists who work with textiles?

Gina mentioned Louise Bourgeois – a French-American artist who famously worked with textiles, and we both immediately thought of Tracey Emin, as she’s included quilts and appliqué in her art. Both Louise and Tracey are definitely artists, and to call either of them Textile Artists seems very pejorative. So that’s some food for thought! Is a Textile Artist a lesser being than an Artist? Let us know or leave a comment!

Gina has been reading The Giver of Stars by JoJo Moyes and Essentialism by Greg McKeown. I’ve listened to an abridged version of Essentialism on Blinkist*, a platform I subscribe to that has many books abridged into “blinks” that you can read or listen to, but it’s worth picking up a hard copy of Essentialism as it’s a good one.

*This is my personal referral link which (I think) gives you an extra week if you sign up to a free trial.

Meanwhile, I’ve been having a jolly good sort out of my studio – more to come on that next time!

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