How do we start a creative session in the studio? What are our “go to” moves to get us into our creative groove?

For me, it’s all about shutting out the voices in my head. You know the ones, you probably have them too. My Dad’s in there, asking why I’m mucking about instead of doing something “constructive” or “more important”, telling me life isn’t about playing all the time.

True story: he once emptied out my school satchel of all paper and felt tip pens and skipping ropes and knitting wool and whatever else I’d stuffed in there, because, according to him, I “didn’t go to school to play”. I was probably 8 years old.

Mostly it’s my own voice. The one that points out that it’s all looking a bit crap, it’s all a bit boring, who am I to call myself an artist. The one that is constantly pointing out “that’s not art, that’s just sticking two things together and calling it art – you’re a fraud”.

Basically, it’s a right cacophony of negativity, so the first thing I do is stick some noise-reducing headphones on and listen to something else. After that, my next move depends on my intention for the studio time – so I’ve written a blog post about what I do next you can read it here. I hope it’s helpful, and gives you some ideas for getting started.

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