In this episode we talk about some of our favourite textile related books; those we find useful, interesting and inspiring as well as those we might like to own. You can find a list of all books mentioned, plus a few more of our favourites, below. I’ll write a separate post about why I chose the books I did, and include the others that didn’t quite make the shortlist – it was so hard to choose!

Gina’s Choices: 

Interesting: Inspired to Stitch 21 Textile Artists, Diana Springall, (A & C Black)

Useful: From Art to Stitch, Janet Edmonds, (Search Press)

Inspiring: Alexander McQueen, Savage Beauty, Metropolitan Museum of Art, (Yale University Press).

Izzy’s Choices: 

Inspirational: Mixed Media Inspirations by Beryl Taylor, (Interweave)

Useful: Machine Embroidery: Stitch Techniques by Val Campbell Harding & Pam Watts, (Batsford)

Interesting: Celtic Art: The Methods of Construction by George Bain, (Constable).

Other books that almost made the list:

Mark Making in Textile Art, Helen Parrot, (Batsford)

The Art of Embroidery, inspirational stitches, textures and surfaces, Francoise Tellier-Loumagne, (Thames & Hudson)

Sketchbook Explorations for Mixed Media and Textile Artists Shelley Rhodes, (Batsford)

The Found Object in Textile Art, Cas Holmes, (Batsford)

Encyclopedia of Machine Embroidery, Val Holmes, (Batsford)

World Textiles: A sourcebook, (British Museum Press).

Other books mentioned in this episode: 

WOW Book 6 – edited by Lynda Monk, (d4daisy Books Ltd)

Traditional Dress: Knowledge and Methods of Old Time Clothings, Adolf Hungry Wolf, (Good Medicine Books)

Papiers a la Mode, Isabelle de Borchgrave & Rita Brown, (Bellear Publishing London)

Patch Work – A life among clothes, Claire Wilcox, (V & A publishing)

The Christmas Chronicles, Nigel Slater, (4th Estate)

Raw Drawing, Alessandro Bonaccorsi, (Batsford)

The Practice: Shipping Creative Work, Seth Godin, (Penguin Books)

Spoon-Fed: Why almost everything we’ve been told about food is wrong, Tim Spector, (Jonathan Cape)

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