In this part of the world, we’re galloping up on peak holiday season when the schools break up for the big summer holiday in a week or so. Coincidence or not, we’re also approaching the date when the Covid restrictions for public life are being eased in the UK – and to say that’s having a mixed reception is an understatement!

So in this episode, we talk about holidays that are just for us, whether that’s going somewhere to be inspired by the location and being guided on how to respond to it in our art, having a holiday with like-minded people and mixing art with leisure, taking a break to reflect on our art, or perhaps going somewhere for an intense few days of learning something new.

I also want to take some time for some “mini retreats” where I give myself the whole day to do exactly as I choose, and I wrote a blog post about what that might look like here.

Meanwhile, in this episode of the podcast we mention

Find Your Joy with Louise Fletcher. Louise’s course is now closed but you can see her art here.

Art Juice podcast with David Mankin

David Mankin

Suzi Lowe

Kate Green

Fluorescent pink paint

Lucy Locket retreats. Currently Lucy is not running retreats due to the covid pandemic but has many other treats in her shop!

Debbie Zawinski

Gina’s account of her creative retreat at Lake Coniston

The music is Dear Autumn by Ikson and you can find it at

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2 Thoughts to “The Great Escape – Creative Retreats and Holidays (17)”

  1. Ann says:

    One of life’s pleasures is to sit in my little craft room and paint, draw or sew and listen to your podcast, they are just so true to life and always make me smile. Thank you.

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