As it was through following each other’s blogs that Gina and I first met, it seemed appropriate to take a closer look at our blogs and our blogging habits.

We look back at our reasons for starting a blog and what we were writing then, compared with our reasons for continuing, and what we are writing now. We also discuss whether there’s even still a place for blogs within how we communicate as artists, and talk about how we decide what’s appropriate for sharing in a blog, compared to what we may or may not share on other social media platforms. Finally, we consider the sometimes tricky question of knowing when, how and if to say something, and when to stay schtum – something we don’t always get right!

Also mentioned in this episode:

Gina has been following along with Sky Portrait Artist of the Week. You can see her wonderful paintings here.

One of her favourite artists discovered through the programme is Artist Kayoon Anderson

In this episode I also mention my upcoming Swirls course which starts in early April. Make sure you’ve signed up to my Online Courses newsletter to make sure you’re notified when it’s open!

As you know, if you’re reading this, I started a new blog here a few months ago. I’m still working my way towards posting regularly, and aim to intersperse notes from the podcast with updates from my studio. You can sign up to my newsletter, too, for a monthly(ish) roundup of my recent blog posts as well as other interesting bits and pieces I find that I think you may enjoy. If you’re interested in a look back to how I started, you can still find my old blog here.

 Gina’s new blog is now live on her shiny new website, and you can still find her old one here.

This book was the original inspiration for Gina to start her blog: The Crafter’s Companion

Gina has recently discovered the Fashion and Textile Museum blog

I have been playing with some Automatic drawing – although not quite like the surrealists did, more just having a doodle and a play with pens and paint in a very random way! It’s part of a sketchbook course that I’m taking, which will lead onto a textiles course in a few weeks’ time. Stay tuned to my Instagram and Facebook to see what I do next! Suffice to say, I’m really enjoying it – and ideas are starting to spark – something I have struggled with recently.

Finally, as I always used to mention recipes in my old blog, I’ll leave you with Nigel Slater’s chard & feta tart recipe – it’s easy, quick and delicious, and a good use for that bunch of chard in the veg box! You can find it in his book Kitchen Diaries II (p378) and this fabulous quote that Gina found:

“Art isn’t always about having something to say, sometimes it’s about doing something and seeing what happens”

Anish Kapoor

Which is exactly what we’re both doing, every day! Try it – you may surprise yourself.

The music is Dear Autumn by Ikson and you can find it at

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2 Thoughts to “To blog or not to blog (8)”

  1. Jennie says:

    Hello Izzy and Gina

    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy listening to your Podcasts.

    Chatting with likeminded people is the thing we all miss most during this surreal time when we can’t meet up with our stitching buddy’s. Hopefully soon we’ll be able to get back to all the things we enjoy and be with the people we care about.

    Listening to you two friends happily chatting away about mainly sewing related things and life in general is a great escape. Many thanks, I’m really looking forward to future episodes.

    Keep up the good work.

    Best wishes

    PS. I really enjoyed Izzy’s Winter landscape course and am looking forward to enrolling on the ‘Swirls of colour’ soon.

    1. Isobel says:

      Hi Jennie, thank you so much for reading, and listening! And for getting in touch. I’m so pleased you enjoy the podcast (and the course!) – I’ll pass your comments on to Gina, too. Izzy

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