This week, we’re thinking about you, our audience, even more than usual! “Who is the audience for my work” is a question every artist grapples with. We both wear lots of different hats, but are we always talking to the same people? And if we want to reach more or new people, how do we do it?

If you read my blog, do you also subscribe to my newsletter, or follow me on Instagram? Do you take my courses, or do you prefer to just look at what I create? Do you ever buy my art (when I’ve actually made some, and offered it for sale!)? Are you reading this because you know me from somewhere else, and you’re just snooping about my website? Are you my mother?!

All impossible questions for me to know the answer to, unless you tell me! So please do! I’d absolutely love to hear from you, and find out more about you. What’s your favourite thing to do? What are your challenges? Is there something you’ve always wanted to know about art, or machine embroidery, or being creative? Do you have a great idea for a podcast episode?

Tell me! Leave a comment below, or get in touch privately here.

Mentioned in this episode:

Tansy Hargan

The 100 Day Project

Faye Bridgwater

The new home for my online courses is live! Sort of. Please take a look, but bear with me – it’s still a work in progress. What’s going on with the footer? Who knows! Just one of the things I’m trying to get my head around!

A Mission Statement for my teaching was something I needed to consider when setting up the new site. You can read a bit more about what I came up with, and why and how, here.

You can find Gina Ferrari and follow everything she’s up to here.

The music is Dear Autumn by Ikson and you can find it at

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