This stitch book was an idea that evolved as I created it.

Last year, right before lockdown, I had started to assemble fabrics to create a fabric book of some of my favourite pieces. It never happened, for various reasons, not least because I hadn’t decided how to bind it all together. The fabrics have been in a box on my desk ever since. 

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, I’d had a big sketchbook sort out, removing pages and collating my favourites into one big fat book. As a result, I had some some old sketchbook covers leftover. As I’d also been creating collages on my painting table, the paper scraps and acrylic medium were also to hand, so I collaged the covers.

At the same time, scrolling randomly on the interwebs, I rediscovered Liz Kettle‘s practice of Stitch Meditation. This, together with the new sketchbook covers with nothing between them gave me the prompt to revisit the fabrics.

Take A plus B plus C, and a desperate need to do something creative that didn’t involve turning on a sewing machine or a computer, and before I knew it, an idea was born. Not only did I now know how to put together the fabric book, I also created a unique-to-me stitch meditation book to use as a way to wind down, and not do anything other than play with my favourite fabrics and thread scraps.

The idea is to stop thinking and just create, enjoy the action of needle going through fabric, choosing colours of fabrics and threads on a whim.

I’ve started a few pages, and already I really like the way I can flip from page to page, without having to finish anything first. I can also remove the pages as I choose, for ease of working. When I’ve finished (and I have no idea when that will be) I will replace the spiral binding.

As I started to put the book together, I decided to film it. Partly for my own amusement, partly because….you never know. And then, on a whim, I decided that I’d create a mini course – probably a freebie. I haven’t decided yet.

I’m about to disappear on a break for a few weeks, so it isn’t an ideal time to launch anything new, but here’s a little intro anyway!

Let me know if this is something that appeals, as that will spur me on to finish it when I get home again! Meanwhile, thank you for reading – see you all soon.

Izzy x

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12 Thoughts to “A little stitch book”

  1. Karen Stearns says:

    I love your little stitch book idea and would love to know more. A class would be terrific. Enjoy your time away. Happy stitching!

  2. Doff Davies says:

    Looks a great idea and would fit in or follow on nicely from Anne Brooks #52tagshannemade
    that I have been doing weekly this year.

  3. Roseanne Sabol says:

    Hello Izzy, from the east coast of the US. Iโ€™m new to you blog and enjoying it so much. Yes, please!, to the idea of a mini course.
    I hope your time away is restorative.

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