Our 26th episode and a year since we started this podcast, and we think this is one of our best chats. We talk about friendship, our personalities, what we’ve learned, what people have said, and our plans for the future.

One of our plans is to do a live chat on Instagram – and if you’re reading this on Thursday 18th November, you can take part too!

Join us live!

Just go to my Instagram profile or Gina’s Instagram profile and click on our stories to ask us a question or leave a comment, then at 2pm you can watch us live where we’ll have a little chat, and answer your questions.

If we do it right, we’ll save the video so you can watch it later if you miss us at 2pm – we’ve never done this before, so it’s a learning curve!

Mentioned in this episode:

Dana K. White – decluttering expert

Dana’s theory the Container Concept explained!

Neal’s Yard Remedies to Roll

Calm Christmas Podcast

The Winter Writing Sanctuary

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron


Uckfield Late Night Shopping 3rd December


St Mary’s Christmas Market, Guilden Morden, 4th December

As always, you can find Gina here and get in touch with me here or just leave a comment below!

The music is Dear Autumn by Ikson and you can find it at https://soundcloud.com/ikson.

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