Not one to make life easy for myself, I had a mad idea the other day to add a whole new section to the Beautiful Baubles course – that could also become a separate standalone course in the future.

Several people have mentioned that the technique I demonstrate for the baubles would also work very well for book covers (or book jackets) which is very true, and something I have indeed done myself.

There are a couple – actually, four – maybe five – different ways that I do this, so to demonstrate them I need to have quite a few pieces of finished embroidery ready to turn into book jackets for the extra lessons.

Cue lots of mad sewing to create the material needed for the new videos! And all at the same time as missing my usual sewing machine to a regular service, that has now developed into a bit of a Situation that I hope will be resolved soon. My no. 2 machine is good, but it’s not quite as speedy and the patterns are not as wide – so this has taken longer than it would’ve otherwise, but I’m getting there.

This is one of my favourite techniques, and makes brilliant use of all those automatic patterns that we have – and never use! A few tweaks of the width and length settings, overlap them, and you can get some great colour mixing happening, and they also stitch down any loose or frayed edges perfectly.

No promises when it will all be ready, but you can be the first to know when it’s all ready by making sure your signed up for updates here!

The new lessons will be an optional paid extra to the Baubles course – you’ll be able to sign up to both parts, or just the Baubles, but for now you won’t be able to sign up to the book section on it’s own. If you’re already in the course, you’ll be notified when the optional extra lessons are available to join.

Remember, if you’ve taken a course with me before you get a discount which can be applied to both, and if you took the Baubles course before, there’s an even bigger discount – just ask me!

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4 Thoughts to “Studio update”

  1. Rosa Lucar says:

    Qué linda sorpresa! Eres toda una artista! Me encanta tu trabajo! Estoy incursionando en el arte textil. Me encantaría tomar tus clases, porfa dame más información.

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