From fashion to felt, patchwork to hashtags, and teaching Kirstie Allsopp to needlefelt along the way, Jayne Emerson’s journey to art and textiles has taken all kinds of fascinating twists and turns. Join us as we untangle the threads!

Mentioned in this episode:

Jayne Emerson’s Fabric Recipes

My Bones are Woven Ann Sutton

Ideas in Weaving by Ann Sutton

Eventually I Forgot the Rules by Shawn O’Hagan

Margaret Ryall

Margaret Ryall’s wall paper collages  

Claire Benn

Claire Benn interview

Tansy Hargan

Tansy Hargan’s Games from the Tiny Caravan

Fodder School 

Connected Artist Club

Empire of Light

You can find Jayne here:

Jayne’s website

and on Instagram

and her membership group No Rules Textile Society

You can find Gina here

The music is Dear Autumn by Ikson.

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