What’s holding you back?

As we pootle along happily, doing what we’ve always done, it may never even cross our mind that anything is. But then, out of the blue, a sudden feeling of doubt and insecurity jumps out and completely throws us. Ugh. Sound familiar?

Perhaps you want to make a big decision, perhaps you really want to learn a new thing, perhaps you’ve always wanted to…insert something you’ve always wanted to do here!

And then BOO – it’s there: that nasty voice in the back of your mind.

Who am I to do that

I’ll never be able to do that

People like me don’t do that

I’m too old, I’m too young, I’m not talented, I haven’t got the time, 

I’m a fraud, it’s all hopeless, I’ll never learn, it’s too late, it’s too hard…

But is any of it actually true? Where do these limiting beliefs come from? Why do we have them? Perhaps more importantly – what can we do about them?

What’s the difference between a limiting belief and being sensible or realistic?

Here’s how I tell the difference:

Mentioned in this episode:

Over Christmas I was sucked in to a free series of workshops with Icelandic business coach Sigrun. All very inspiring, and actually useful! Sometimes these things are just a blatant hard-sell, and yes, this was leading up to a big ticket course – but the free stuff she taught was the best advice on running an online business I think I’ve ever had.

Sigrun is a passionate advocate for women in business: it’s her big mission (another interesting concept – what’s my mission?) so even though I didn’t hand over the hard cash – and she asks for a lot of cash – it was worth it for the encouragement alone! One of the workshops was about limiting beliefs, so I describe her formula for challenging them in the podcast.

This weekend, I’m taking a class with London Drawing Group called Secrets of Seeing with Joshua Armitage. This weekend it’s “lines”, so I’m hoping there’s more to come!

Gina‘s been out running with the Couch to 5K program. I wanted to run for years but was never able to get beyond 15 minutes, then I did Couch 2 5K back in 2018 and actually got to the point where I could run for nearly 40 minutes. Remarkable! If you’ve always wanted to give it a go, try it!

The music is Dear Autumn by Ikson and you can find it at https://soundcloud.com/ikson

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