In episode 5 we discuss outside validation and ask, do we need it, is it necessary and do we like it?

This is a topic that raises all sorts of issues – from issues with imposter syndrome and self-belief, to questioning our motivation for doing, well, anything! Would we still be doing what we’re doing even if nobody noticed?

Also mentioned are the following:

Open a new window anywhere in the world

Time tracking using Clockify

The Pomodoro Technique for time management

Art Tribe

The Snow and the Works on the Northern Line by Ruth Thomas – read or listen

Secrets of the Museum

The music that Izzy used for her little viral video

Not very seasonal now, but Gina’s mince pie recipe from her blog

The podcast music is Dear Autumn by Ikson and you can find it at

And here’s the YouTube version of the video that I made that went viral on Facebook. This one hasn’t had quite as many views as the original!

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