Having spent most of today wrestling with WordPress and databases and widgets and things I don’t really understand, trying to restore my website*, this is going to be a very short post!

This week has not seen a lot of action on the ol’ Bernina, I’ve mostly been writing the course material for Seascapes. But I did add the last touches of hand embroidery to one of the pieces I started a few weeks ago.

It’s not my favourite piece ever, but I do like this area near the top corner!

I’ve managed to book a slot to visit Wakehurst Place on Monday, so as well as the change of scene, I’m looking forward to a bit of time in a different location for a bit of thumbnail sketching. It’ll be good to get out at last!

* In the end my hosting provider Tsohost restored my website from backup files in a matter of minutes. I should’ve asked them first, really. All done via instant messaging on their website. I recommend them!

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