In this episode we talk about our studio spaces – the real ones, and our dream ones!   

We talk about how we use the space we have, and touch on issues around storage, decluttering, and the decisions and compromises that we all have to make when finding the space for our creative lives. 

I’m very lucky in having my own studio at home, but for years I didn’t: I worked on the dining room table, then progressed to a fold-out desk in a cupboard. OK, it was quite a big one, and never got folded away, but it was still a cupboard!

Eventually we had to do something “serious” to solve the issue of space, and we converted our (single car) garage into a studio space. Guilty secret? The dining room table is still the best place!

How about you? Where do you work? Do you have a dream studio? Let me know!

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4 Thoughts to “A room of one’s own – studios (11)”

  1. “A room of one’s Own” podcast was a light in the darkness for me. Until 3 weeks ago, I shared our dining room as my studio. Needless to say, it was a task in and of itself to keep it organized and tidy. I have wanted a room of my own for 7 years and our home seemed too small to house an office and studio. And the garage was out of the question. I had recently called a local friend who dabbles in real estate and requested she begin looking for a space that I could rent. She found nothing in our tiny rural town.
    Naturally, this brought me to a crossroad. How could I manage by remaining in the dining room? I felt cramped and wanted to spread my wings. One night, I sat up late after the house quieted and planned how to reorganize to create ‘a room of my own.’ A week later, hubby helped me incorporate our living room (which we rarely used) with the dining room to create a ‘great room.’ This left the living room where all of my stuff would fit and I could spread my wings. Today, my studio is in its early stages. There is painting to do, pieces of art to hang and happiness to enjoy while creating. The podcast has also given me more to consider: zones, arrangement of stash, what needs to go? and doors for concentration.
    Thank you for shining the light on a subject well discussed!

    1. Isobel says:

      Wow, it’s amazing the difference a few changes makes – and then seems so obvious you wonder why you didn’t do it before! Enjoy the new space!

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