My main sewing machine has been away for a service, so I’ve had to use my no. 2 machine – funny how it took me forever to get used to not having a presser foot lever (machine no. 1 lowers the foot automatically) and then I completely forget that no. 2 machine does have one, and it won’t stitch unless I lower it myself!

The fabric squares have been kicking around for a few weeks now. Not my favourite, but I do like the one with paint and stitch. There’ll be much more of this very soon: all the details will be over on Instagram as that’s where it’s all happening for this little lot.

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2 Thoughts to “Studio update”

  1. Rachel says:

    This is lovely and bright!

    I’ve just fished out my old hand cranked sewing machine, and there are whole host of things I had to remember didn’t happen by themselves!

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