Do you draw? And if not – why not? If you’ve stopped drawing, or never drawn, or you’re scared to start, how can you get started again? And why do we think it’s important you should? All questions we hope to answer in this episode!

This was such an important conversation to have, so the episode is a little longer than usual – there was a lot we wanted to say!

It’s as simple as marks on a page, using a cheap biro on scrap paper.

As beautiful as using an expensive pen on the best paper you can find.

As simple as a 30 second doodle,

Or as intense three-hour study to create a true likeness.

Something you just dash off, and then move on with your day,

Or a moment of calm, to take time out, to give the “thinking” brain a rest.

Routine and ordinary – or even therapy.

Have a listen – I hope it inspires you to get drawing. And if you’d like to see the drawings I mention in the podcast, you can find them in my latest newsletter. Why not subscribe so you get your own copy?

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