I’ve talked with Gina and written about Creative Block, Procrastination, how to know if you’ve got one or the other (or perhaps both….) so the final installment in this series, before I go back to blogging about art, is all about STUFF!

It’s also the subject of our next podcast (out on 17 June) and so I thought I’d have a little think* about it…

Life is full of stuff. Actual stuff, and mental stuff. And that’s just anyway. Throw a creative, artistic temperament into the mix and….oh boy.

They’re all linked – they must be. Let’s think* about this…


I know for a fact that my tendency to procrastinate, means that heaps are a feature of my life. If I just got on and did the thing then I could put things away, not need the endless piles of paper with scribbled “to do” lists, actually find my bullet journal. I’d have a clear desk.


If I read all the books I’ve bought, I might discover that meh, I don’t like that one or it’s not useful and be able to donate it. Or if I decided I’m never going to read that, and donate it anyway. I’d have space on the shelves.

All the things

If I did all the projects I’ve ever thought of and hoarded the materials and equipment for, I’d use up said materials. Or if I decided – right now – that while it’s nice to make a rag rug, I don’t ever want to make one again. Or try something and so doing discover I don’t actually enjoy doing whatever it is anyway. If I did that, I could use up or get rid of both materials and equipment. I’d have space in the drawers, shelves, storage cubbies.

Things to do

If I cracked on and did all the things that are on my to-do list, or delegated them, or paid someone to do it for me, or just decided not to do them at all, I wouldn’t have to carry them round in my head all the time. Clear head.

Health and wellbeing

If I actually did all the things instead of just reading about them (and agreeing with them!) – things like the innumerable benefits of getting a good night’s sleep to everything, going to bed and getting up earlier, lots more walking, no screens after 9pm, not drinking during the week, not feeling that I need to clear everything on my plate, portion sizes related to my size and weight and not splitting things in half with my 6″ taller and 16kg heavier husband. I’d be happier and healthier. The grey hair and wrinkles are here to stay, and I’m not sure I’d miraculously have the body of a 20 year old and a mind sharp as a tack, but it’s worth a go…

Teaching and creating

And if I actually valued my own creative practice as much as I value what the participants on my courses are doing, then maybe I’d make more art, and art that I love, and art that’s going somewhere.

And if I’m happier, healthier, with a clear working space and storage for materials I love using, space on the shelves for my favourite inspirational books, a clear desk for working and writing and creating the courses, and a calmer head that allows me to think creative thinks…

I think that would be good. And therein lies the problem.

I think I think too much.

And it’s mostly nonsense.

I’ve also spent far too much time inside my own head, and inside this room. So on that note, I’m escaping for a few days.

Before Celtic Seascapes starts in a few weeks, I’m going to go find me a different space: a change of scene, a change of air, find some headspace. And probably some weather. And maybe some blisters.

You could also call it research…any guesses?!

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